February 5, 2024
LearningMate UK appointed as Curriculum Development Partner, as 2U Partners with University of Surrey to Launch 15 Online Master’s Degrees

2U, the company behind global online learning platform edX, have announced a new partnership with the University of Surrey to launch and support the delivery of online master’s degrees and online professional certificate programs. An initial five online degree programs will welcome students in 2024, with a portfolio of at least 15 master’s degrees and at least 15 professional certificate programs being delivered by 2026. This will expand access to this highly ranked UK university for students worldwide.

Surrey’s partnership with 2U will deliver Surrey Online Learning: an acceleration and transformation of the university’s provision of online learning. 2U’s expertise will help Surrey establish a scalable model and quickly expand its digital capabilities to worldwide audiences. The collaboration aligns with the university’s mission to expand access to life-changing education and personal and professional success.

“We’re partnering with 2U and their edX platform to accelerate Surrey Online Learning provision,” said Professor Tim Dunne, Provost and Senior Vice-President at the University of Surrey. “The University of Surrey has global strength in innovation and research, and is renowned for being one of the best universities in the UK for delivering excellence in teaching and employability. Through Surrey Online Learning, we will offer flexible and affordable educational pathways that are compatible with and relevant to modern careers, combining accessibility with strong student outcomes.”

Surrey’s suite of online degrees will build on the success of its on-campus programs, with the online curriculum developed in partnership with LearningMate. The first five degrees expected to launch in 2024 will be in the areas of artificial intelligence, business, psychology, marketing, and sustainability. The professional certificate programs, which will focus on technology, healthcare, business, communications technologies, and sustainability, will provide learners with an opportunity to build and enhance critical professional skills on their way to determining if a full degree in a corresponding subject is part of their educational journey.

Prasad Mohare, Senior Vice President at LearningMate said:

“LearningMate is honored to partner with the University of Surrey on its transformative online learning initiative in collaboration with 2U. We’re excited to contribute to the development of cutting-edge online master’s degrees and professional certificate programs that align with Surrey’s commitment to excellence.

Our focus on innovation and accessibility will be showcased in the initial offerings. LearningMate is dedicated to supporting Surrey in expanding access to impactful, career-relevant learning opportunities in the evolving landscape of online education.”

Kylie Hazeldine, Director of Partnerships at LearningMate added:

“As the Director of Partnerships at LearningMate, I’m ecstatic to see our collaborative efforts with 2U and the University of Surrey culminate in the launch of Surrey Online Learning. Our role in shaping this transformative initiative reflects our dedication to innovation and accessibility in online education.

Moving forward, we’re poised to infuse even more innovation and excitement into this partnership, fostering a relationship-based approach that goes beyond traditional content development partnerships. Together, we will explore new avenues, push boundaries, and create an educational experience that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of learners worldwide. I’m thrilled to be part of this journey and eager to see the impact we’ll make together.”

The announcement builds on the continued demand for 2U’s flexible degree partnership model, which gives universities the choice of selecting different bundles of services according to their needs. With the new partnership including more than 15 online professional certificate programs in technology, business management, healthcare, and sustainability.

“2U prides itself in being a digital transformation partner that can support strategic long-term thinking, accelerate innovation, and help drive positive student outcomes across new formats and modalities,” said Andrew Hermalyn, President of the Degree Program Segment at 2U. “The University of Surrey has major ambitions to expand its online learning capabilities, and we are honored to be their partner to help build their online presence from the ground up.”

David Hopkins, Director of Content Services LearningMate said:

“I’m incredibly excited to kick off this groundbreaking partnership with the University of Surrey. This collaboration is a blend of top-tier academic standards with the spark of industry creativity.

We’re not just reaching a global audience; we’re engaging them, combining solid pedagogy with appropriate technology and innovation to create meaningful experiences. This partnership is all about making sure the renowned academic rigor of the University of Surrey meets the real-world needs of students today, focusing sharply on enhancing the student experience.”

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