Custom Product Development

Universities are having to fight harder than ever before to stay ahead of the competition.

Universities are having to fight harder than ever before to stay ahead of the competition in attracting new students and providing the quality courses, materials, support, and experiences that today’s students have come to expect. Students’ expectations of the future are high. They are used to dealing with large corporations like Amazon, Netflix and Instagram, whose user experience is leading in the field, and typically exceeds that of their university.

Custom Product Development is a crucial process for UK Higher Education institutions that want to create unique and innovative student and staff experiences, and want to be seen as leaders in the digital learning experience space.

Experienced in delivering Custom Product Development

Here at LearningMate, we’re experienced in delivering Custom Product Development in the Higher Education space, with full integration knowledge of the systems these are built on, such as student records systems, CRMs, VLEs, library systems, finance systems and many more.

From Virtual Reality applications to event management platforms, we’ve got a team of User Experience designers and software engineers on hand ready to create innovative EdTech solutions tailored to your institution’s exact needs.

What’s more, we use our expertise and knowledge to build Custom Products using your existing licences and platforms where possible, and using your students as your personalised beta testers to give a solution which is truly customised to your institutions’ brand. Need something completely bespoke and white label? We can help with that too.

Here are just some of key pain points you may be experiencing that our Custom Product Development can help you solve:

  • We have tried many plug and play SaaS solutions, but they’re not the right fit for our needs.
  • We want to be unique when it comes to student experience and user interfaces.
  • We have a great idea about how a technology solution could solve an institutional challenge, but don’t know how to build it.
  • We have developed something in-house, but it needs a review and polish.
  • We have a great product we think we could commercialise to other institutions, but don’t know how to kick start or support that.
  • We don’t have the expertise to create a user interface with a high tech feel, but can see this would enhance our student offer.
  • We have trialled some gamification in our learning experience and need to find a way to scale this across the institution using a technology solution.
  • We want to improve the user experience for students using their own devices and want to explore a customised cloud or mobile solution.





Take a look below at how we’ve already supported UK institutions with our Custom Product Development:

LearningMate UK

Durham University

LearningMate supported Durham University with the development of an eCommerce and Events Management portal, which helps students to set up, manage and make payments for events. The portal consolidated 13 applications into one single platform, for a streamlined student experience.

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LearningMate UK

University Press publishing house

LearningMate supported the world’s largest University Press publishing house by building a custom authoring platform, which allowed them to convert print books to an enhanced digital format. The solution not only met the high-volume demand for content, but also integrated with existing products.

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