Integrated Systems and Data Solutions

Universities are under an ever-increasing pressure to deliver engaging learning experiences that improve student outcomes and reduce dropout rates, whilst reducing costs and ensuring scalability and reusability of learning resources.

The key to this is the ability to collect student data across various systems throughout the student lifecycle, and use it efficiently to manage these new challenges. In the face of growing OfS and HESA Data Futures requirements, there is also an increasing demand for this data to be delivered in real time and for analytics to be embedded into institutional decision-making.

Technology is key

Technology is key in these processes, and the need for this digital transformation has proven difficult to navigate for institutions around the UK, many of which have been prioritizing their physical estate spend over their digital estate spend for decades.

Here at LearningMate, we’re experts in creating bespoke Integrated Systems and Data Solutions for Higher Education institutions around the world.

Whether you’re concerned about your systems not talking to each other efficiently, ageing IT infrastructure and legacy systems slowing you down and not meeting student expectations, or your current analytics and dashboards not giving you the full data picture, we can help you integrate your systems, and create digital-first solutions with students at the heart of the experience.

Allow our team of experts to step in and help your institution to reduce your technical debt, leaving your academics, administrators and support staff to work on projects that improve student engagement.

With our Integrated Systems and Data Solutions, we can help your institution to:

  • Have a clear, long-term data strategy that defines the technology, processes, people and rules required to manage your information assets.
  • Ensure a clear system architecture to eliminate data silos, data duplication across business units, inefficient data flow between departments, and lack of clarity around data priorities, by making data accessible and shared in a secure way.
  • Provide transparency of data and analytics dashboards to ensure the use of key metrics to better understand students and the student experience.
  • Create new business or monetisation opportunities and build hyper-personalised products and services based on student needs.
  • Improve data literacy across the organisation.
  • Consider all data governance rules and regulations while defining policies and processes to futureproof the institution for the evolving landscape.

Our ability to further accelerate assisting institutions in solving these challenges was enhanced in November 2022 when LearningMate merged with Double Line, the leading data solutions provider to state and local education agencies in the United States. Double Line’s solutions help thousands of educators and administrators in 14 states, impacting 25 million students’ lives daily. The combination of LearningMate and Double Line creates one of the world’s largest data and content solutions teams that is entirely dedicated to solving challenging problems in the education space.

Read more about how our Integrated Systems and Data Solutions have already helped institutions around the UK:

LearningMate UK

University Press publishing house

LearningMate supported the world’s largest University Press publishing house by building a custom authoring platform using FROST. The platform allowed the publishing house to convert print books to an enhanced digital format, including interactive material, video and quizzes. The solution was also able to meet the high-volume demand for content, and seamlessly integrated with the customer’s existing products and infrastructure, helping the publishing house to build a foundation to move to digital first.

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