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LearningMate has over 20 years’ expertise in helping schools, universities and education organisations transform to deliver true online learning and teaching.

Whether teaching students on or off-campus, or a mixture of both, we can empower your institution with the skills, tools and confidence to deliver purpose-built digital content that meets your students needs and expectations.

We can help

From the ability to efficiently re-configure and reuse content across multiple platforms, and centrally manage learning data, to aligning curriculum to ever-changing students’ needs and scaling content for the appropriate audience, we can help.

We offer Design and Development consultation alongside our technical solutions, and work with a variety of education specialists including Learning and Instructional designers, Multimedia Content producers, Graphic Designers and Learning Technologists to ensure that we deliver on our solutions. We strive to stay responsive to change and feedback, and work in an iterative and co-creative manner. Most importantly, we aim to keep the student experience at the heart of our process.

The LearningMate team is keen to forge a good working relationship that goes beyond the project and they’ve really added value to our offering. We’d absolutely use LearningMate again.

Andrew Kearney, Project Manager

Leading the way in Digital Teaching and Learning

Education is in our DNA and so it’s natural for us to be constantly thinking about how the sector will evolve and the role digital will play in that for staff and students. In 2021, we commissioned a report in partnership with Jisc and Emerge Education to understand what technology-enabled learning and teaching at scale could look like within the next decade.

We spoke to many leading digital learning experts across the UK and gathered some interesting insights about the future of digital in education. Download your free copy of the report today.

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Our bespoke learning technologies

Frost is a suite of integrated platforms designed to provide the digital infrastructure for your educational content. From instructional design to data to assessments, Frost can handle it all in one place, simplifying your entire content ecosystem.

Frost Designer helps educators focus on what matters: creating engaging educational experiences that help students progress along their journeys. Design top-tier learning experiences that are modular and reusable across multiple platforms.

Finally, you can design your courses in one place, with one user interface. Frost course designer is built specifically to interface with all modern learning management systems. This means, your designers get to design courses with software that was built specifically for that purpose.

The right tool is important. From drag and drop modules to whole page edit views, we’ve created an authoring platform that has the author in mind. It’s a tool that frees you up to focus on crafting the perfect educational experiences, and to stop wrestling with broken links and outdated user interfaces. With Course Designer, we aim for the technology to “get out of the way” so you can focus on creating learning experiences that make a difference. Course Designer frees you to dream and create without boundaries.

LearningMate UK

Case study: Helping Academic Agents use a new international application portal

Learn how we supported student recruitment agents across the world to adopt a new application portal with our user-centric online training programme.

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