Curriculum and Content Services

The Covid-19 pandemic forced universities around the world into a mammoth digital disruption.

Higher Education institutions around the globe raced to substitute their previously in-person learning experience with a comparable digital delivery using technology they had at their disposal, whilst still maintaining a high level of student experience and engagement.

Fast forward three years and digital learning delivery has had to adapt at a rapid pace to match and even surpass the in-person experience. This has proven challenging for UK institutions, who for years have been prioritising their physical estate spend over their digital spend.

With the benefits of digital learning delivery and teaching well documented, institutions agree this can no longer be the case. Today, education needs to incorporate digital learning provision as part of a blended or fully online approach.





Curriculum and Content Services

LearningMate’s Curriculum and Content Services can help institutions like yours to scale and develop their online learning delivery, including curriculum and content development.

Our team of experts will work closely in partnership with you to develop your existing face-to-face courses into industry-leading online learning, with content that can easily be updated for future use. Assisting your teaching team with online learning delivery, we take away the stress of figuring out how best to engage students. Keeping the student and student experience at the centre of our focus, we work towards improving student engagement and learning outcomes.

Our Curriculum and Content Services can help your institution to:

  • Develop an instructional design blueprint with online learning in mind.
  • Create engaging and effective learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of students while addressing technical, accessibility and effectiveness concerns, all on your chosen platform.
  • Reduce risk by leveraging our experience and expertise in online education, including areas such as program design and technology.
  • Ensure learning analytics are in place from the commencement of any project enabling continual design improvement for impact and achievement of KPIs.
  • Ensure your content meets UK regulations and quality standards, as well as drawing in best practice from world leaders in digital education practice, whilst being adaptable on the global stage to truly allow maximum international scalability.

With our Curriculum and Content Services, you’ll benefit from increased student engagement, improved learning outcomes, and a stronger reputation for delivering a world-class education.

Find out more about how we’ve already supported UK institutions with our Curriculum and Content Services offering:

LearningMate UK

Southern New Hampshire University

LearningMate has been partnering with Southern New Hampshire University, one of the largest online learning programme providers in the US, for over 4 years. During this time, we have been providing SNHU a range of services, including module design and development, curriculum design, standards mapping, OER curation, course migration and editing.

LearningMate UK

London-based Higher Ed institutions

LearningMate partnered up with two prestigious London-based Higher Education institutions through an Online Programme Management partner to manage end-to-end programme development for over 40 brand new online learning modules. This included support with learning design, copy editing, DEI reviews, accessibility reviews, graphics creation and video production services.

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