February 27, 2024
Event Takeaways: Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 – Shaping the future of HE

The power of human connection can’t be underestimated, and here at LearningMate we believe the investment in attending high profile and leading industry events, seminars and conferences is vital to create an immersive environment where our talented team can further learn new skills, network with like-minded individuals, and exchange ideas.

Strong bonds are formed through interactions, and meeting people face to face is often the most impactful approach. 2023 saw the team embark on a number of events across the UK, and in this new blog series we take a deep dive into some of the key themes and talking points at the events.

First up, the Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 at Keele University.  The flagship conference attracted HE practitioners involved in all aspects of HE teaching and learning from across the UK and overseas.

Conference theme: Teaching in the Spotlight: Shaping the future of HE

Themes included shaping the future …

  • by challenging the norm
  • through education for sustainable development
  • through flexible teaching and learning
  • of inclusive teaching
  • through staff-student curriculum co-creation
  • through engagement – students, employers, community, alumni
  • through immersive learning experiences.

Organisers of the event stressed that “Teaching and learning in higher education continues to be an area of constant change with staff, students and institutions still developing and evolving their models of higher education as we emerge from the pandemic.

Ongoing debates across the globe focus on teaching excellence, value, the student experience, student engagement and student success and, in some countries including the UK, the topic of fees and the current rise in the cost of living adds to the tensions.

Add to this the continuing discussions around flexible modes of delivery from hyflex to in person, online or hybrid. What blend of these should we use? What blend do our students want? Is this changing over time? Is this evolving? Does it vary by discipline, the level of study, regulatory requirements, or student characteristics?”

The synopsis of the challenges and talking points on the current education landscape led to a stellar roll call of industry experts outlining their thoughts and experiences. The LearningMate team enjoyed hearing from industry renowned speakers and relished the opportunity to take part in discussions around how we can all shape the future of teaching and learning in higher education across the globe.

Kylie commented:

“A very insightful few days back on my old stomping ground at Keele University. Interesting thoughts about spaces and places and the role of campus in sense of inclusion- interesting to consider the post covid return to campus. Also, Equity, justice and belonging as opposed to inclusion- from Tamsin Bower-Brown. I’m really interested to consider how this can make it much more real for a digital learner myself.”

Organisers added:

“The complexity of the challenge and the recognition that no-one model suits all, means there is no better time to work together, to share practice, learn from our success and our failures to work together to shape the future of teaching in higher education.”

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