May 17, 2024
Curriculum and Content Services to Enhance your MBA and Business Programmes

LearningMate is an education-first technology supplier with over 20 years of expertise in delivering quality teaching and learning solutions across the globe.

We realise that MBAs are flagship programmes of any university’s Business School, and the learning experience needs to be world class, flexible and engaging. As experts in curriculum design, we are proud to support business schools in transforming traditional materials for digital platforms at scale and enhancing learning with inclusive and interactive learning experiences.

Our Curriculum and Content Services can help your Business School to develop an instructional design blueprint with online learning in mind.  We can support you achieve this at scale through our range of capabilities:

Curriculum Design

Design and develop cutting-edge curricula that align with modern educational standards and methodologies. Through the creation of engaging, effective, and personalised learning experiences for your learners.

Online Programme Design

Looking to take your MBAs online? We can support in designing them for an online environment to deliver high-quality, interactive learning experiences. Equally, if you have an existing online MBA, we can support by auditing what you have, making recommendations of where we could improve and make them even better for you.

Our focus is on creating courses that are informative, inclusive, and engaging, and our dynamic learning environments will resonate with today’s learners.

Content Creation and Maintenance

We create and maintain high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date educational content, our team of subject matter experts, educators, and technologists work collaboratively to produce learning content that is informative but also engaging and tailored to various learning styles and educational levels.

Micro-credentialing, Non-Credit & Nano-degrees

We understand the growing demand for specialised, short-term learning opportunities that meet the needs of continuous professional development and lifelong learners.  Our service offerings in micro-credentialing, non-credit courses, and nano-degrees deliver focused, skills-based education that is relevant in today’s job market.

Accuracy Reviews & Quality Assurance

Our rigorous review and quality assurance processes ensure every piece of content is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with educational standards, and our detailed approach guarantees that our educational materials meet the highest standards of excellence.

Supplement Curriculum Design

We can build a wide range of supplemental educational materials, these include study guides, practice tests, interactive exercises, multimedia resources, and more that support and reinforce core learning objectives. Supplements provide additional learning avenues, catering to different learning styles and helping students achieve a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Platform Agnostic

We are unique in that we specialise on content and technology and therefore, we can work across all platforms and have expertise in all major learning management systems to remove the stress of content building from our customers.

Accessibility and DEI

We recognise that accessibility and DEI checks staples of any online course design or redesign and we are proud to support customers with a range of services to ensure the best level of compliance and inclusivity possible.

Unleashing the Potential with LearningMate’s Services

LearningMate’s commitment to the UK higher education sector is unwavering. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the UK context, LearningMate’s services are specifically tailored to empower academics and institutions.  Our comprehensive suite of services, designed with the UK context in mind, provides educators with the resources, expertise, and inspiration to thrive in digital environments.

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